8 Things to consider while designing a dental website

8 Things to consider while designing a dental website

Build a strong dental website that helps you acquire more patients and expand your business online.

With every passing year, the digital industry is changing. Keeping your dental website updated with the industry standard is essential to thriving your business among your competitors in this fast-moving world. 

Whether you are designing your dental website by yourself or hiring a dental website designing agency to build your website, some specific essential things need to be considered while creating a client-attracting dental website. 

8 Things to consider while designing a dental website

So without wasting more time, let’s dive into the essential things that need to be on your dental website to skyrocket your business. 

1. Clear Unique Value Proposition –

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Unique Value Proposition (Pic Credit: b2binternational.com)

There might be thousands of dentists in your area who provide the same services you are providing. Why should a potential customer choose you over them?

This is where Unique Value Proposition will make you stand out. Let’s understand it with an example. 

Let’s assume a dentist is introducing himself by saying, “I am a general dentist”. 

And there is another one who is introducing himself by saying, “I am a general dentist, who helps teens to cure cavities”.  

From the above two, which build better understanding and trust? The 2nd one. 

The unique value proposition is what makes every business different from its competitors. 

By having a clear and unique value proposition on your dental website, you can make memorable your first impression and attract more potential patients.

2. Clean and simple design – 

Design plays a vital role in every website, as no one wants to be in a confusing and messy place. 

While designing a dental website, many people try to put as many elements as possible, which ultimately slows down the website and ruins their image as a brand.

It is essential to have a clean design with proper hierarchy, typography, colors, and white space that can help your patient navigate through the website and book appointments easily. 

3. Responsive Design – 

Responsive-Design (Pic Credit: Interactiondesign.org)

Do you know, almost 80% of internet users are using mobile to access the internet!

Now imagine what if someone tries to visit your dental website from mobile, but your website is not optimized for it, and they are unable to read or use your website properly.

Probably you are going to lose so many potential patients due to this small mistake. 

Making your website responsive for all devices like mobile/Tablets/PC/Laptops not only helps you get in front of so many potential customers but also helps you rank higher on search engines. 

4. Clear call to action – 

Imagine you want to buy a mouth mirror for your dental practice from an eCommerce site; you found the perfect one that fits your requirement. But there is no button to place the order. 

Isn’t it frustrating? 

The same goes with your dental website; having a good design and valuable information won’t help you get more patients if there is no clear call to action button in the right place. 

It is seen that a call to action button at the top of your dental website is more likely to drive conversions, but having one CTA button on top means, you are leaving the money on the table. 

Placing the CTA button in the high-engaging area can help you land many potential patients in your appointment window. 

5. Detailed information about services –

Whenever potential patients search for dentists in your area, they are in a mindset to learn more about you and your services. 

Providing detailed information about you and your services, such as process, timing, expertise, and costs can help you quickly gain your patients’ trust. 

Having dedicated pages for services is also good for SEO purposes. It will help you rank your dental website in higher positions on search engines. 

6. Social Proofs –

Trusting a service or product online is still a hard thing for many people. It is where social proof can help you out.

Social proofs are crucial for every type of business as it is the easiest way of building trust in front of the patients visiting your website. 

Use a dedicated section to show your social proof, such as testimonials, ratings, reviews, videos, Images. It will help you establish trust among your website visitors and patients. 

Pro tips: Video testimonials work far better than any other form of social proof. 

7. Use Real Images or Video – 

Using real images of you, your team, and your dental clinic is another way of showing your authentication and build trust.

Usually, many people or designers use stock images while designing the dental website; stock image is good only if they know how to use them. 

I am sure patients who land on your website are more interested in seeing you working in your clinic than some fake stock photos or videos. 

Make sure you are using real images or videos on your dental website, as it helps your patients know better about you and your services. 

8. Make it SEO Friendly – 

In maximum cases, the reason behind building a dental website is to drive potential users who can take your services. In such cases, search engine optimization (SEO) is so much important. 

If you want targeted organic(free) traffic on your website, you need to rank your site higher in the search engines. For ranking it higher, you need to follow some basic SEO rules like optimizing headlines, using meta text, alt text, sitemap submission, and many more. 

By making your dental site SEO friendly, you can beat your competitor’s website in the Search engine result pages and quickly get lots of leads searching for your services. 

These are the eight most essential things to consider while designing a dental website yourself or a dental web design agency. 

Websites are like the online face of your dental business, which will create your first impression of you and your business informant of your target audience(Patients). Designing it correctly is essential if you want your website to work like a lead/sales generating machine.

If you can design your dental website by yourself, that’s amazing. Still, if you want to take the help of experts to build your dream dental website, We can help you design and develop a dental website that not only represents your brand but also help you in getting tons of new patients every month. 

For more information about our services, do book a strategy call with one of our experts. 

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