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Tanya Mankani - A Personal Blog Website


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About the project

Tanya Mankani is a vlogger, entrepreneur, and business coach from India who wants to share her knowledge. So she wants a personal blog website where she can write and share blogs on traveling, motivation, quotes, and many more.


The main goal behind building this website is to create a personal blog platform where my client can share her knowledge, traveling guide, and business-related content with her audience.


Some of the cool features of this personal blog website are it is custom designed as per the requirement and fully responsive for all types of devices.

Attracting Blog Category

This website has fully custom and interactive blog categories that users love to explore. To make it stand out from other websites, we equipped this site with a custom blog post page.
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Words from the client

I got my website designed from Digitaio, these guys are very professional. Even after they delivered the work they support me in each and every steps.
Tanya Mankani

Tanya Mankani

Entrepreneur and Blogger

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